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Welcome To Shaolin Arts!

Enrich your life with fun, fitness, and culture by learning the time-proven tradition of the Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Karate, and Tai Chi! At Shaolin Arts, we have programs for all ages and circumstances. Call or come in to find out more.

Each of us can discover this wonderful world with correct instruction and honest effort. A lifetime of rewards, growth and enjoyment is available in our programs, starting with your first lesson. At Shaolin Arts, we offer a lot. Take the piece within a time period you want or take it all: the confidence of having true Self Defense, the feelings of complete Fitness, the mysteries of traditional Kung Fu, the energy of Tai Chi, Weapons play, the variety of complete Martial Arts, the Fun, the Success, the Discovery. Enjoy the journey only you can take, because each of us is unique, with our own set of circumstances, interests and backgrounds. So keep your strengths strong, have fun, play, feel and share. It’s really worth it!

This, the Shaolin Arts web site has areas for all to enjoy. Explore all areas using the links provided above, or click on the terms below.  Email or call us to schedule a time to come in.

Kung Fu

At Shaolin Arts Kung Fu we teach by the five classic Shaolin Animals: tiger, leopard, dragon, crane and snake. Or, traditionally called Shaolin Chuan Fa Wu Ling Xing. Within this complete system both hard and soft, focus with fluidity, are embraced. Each animal represents a different body type and personality. More information is available here, but better yet, come in to experience it for yourself!

T’ai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is a traditional program for developing the internal energy of the body. Stress reduction, improved blood pressure, balance, muscle tone, increased awareness are a few of the common results of this gentle yet invigorating activity. Chen style of Tai Chi is the oldest and, in fact, the original form of Tai Chi Chuan. It has many unique characteristics, which you can learn about here. Today, young and old enjoy the teachings and practices of Tai Chi. Chi Gung, or Qi Gung, are present in every movement, and Meditation is also taught. Come in and discover the benefits of Tai Chi in your life! 


At Shaolin Arts, we also focus on martial arts for general fitness. Students are taught how to listen to their bodies, stay more active, and enjoy the benefits of physical movement. Fitness is the ultimate medicine, and through movement, we can help you to get into the best shape of your life. Our physical bodies are a wonderful thing. Come in, get started, and enjoy a new level of Fitness in your life! 

Self Defense

Martial arts did not become famous until it was discovered the Shaolin Monks could not be easily defeated in combat. These peaceful Monk did not go out looking for fights, but in all lands and times there are those who want to hurt others. A good Self Defense program must train youth and adults to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, to be able to control with the least amount of injury, and to completely remove any threat if needed. Stop by today and begin your self defense training!

Mixed Martial Arts

At Shaolin Arts we have always used a complete program of Martial Arts. This is why our self defense systems work so well. Students will have techniques that work for any body type, against any body type, in any environment. At Shaolin Arts our programs combine long range kicking, closer range punching, knees, elbows and close range Chin Na or grappling, and more, offering an excellent workout and a powerful skill to students. Some might call what we do Mixed Martial Arts, but over the past few years that term has evolved to now refer to a sporting event designed to entertain fans. We have more depth in our Martial Arts than just entertainment. Begin your training now!


The linear, focused strikes of Karate are a part of the complete system taught at Shaolin Arts. Karate is well documented to have come from the Shaolin systems. Focus, confidence, simple movement and mental development benefit your life. Come in and let the Arts change your life!


Understanding the past helps one understand the present. If we do not learn from the past then we will repeat it – for good or for bad. The idea is to have enough knowledge to have a choice. Discover here how peaceful Shaolin systems designed for health, longevity and personal development were also discovered to be the greatest tools for self defense. So much so, military were first defeated, and then adopted these principles to become a Martial Art. 

As you enjoy this web site please realize, it is good to read, talk and watch but it is in the doing that completes us.  Come join us!

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