Get Leaner, Stronger, Faster, and Harder to Kill

Become formidable and fit with a combination of intense workouts and traditional Shaolin kung fu. Master the most difficult challenge - you.

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Traditional Martial Arts For A Modern World

Find calm and confidence while getting flexible and fit.

Every session at Shaolin Arts includes a demanding workout

Based on the methods of the famed Shaolin warrior monks and led by expert coaches, Shaolin Arts provides training that is:

  • Constantly varied
  • High intensity
  • Functional
  • Calorie-buring
  • Sweat-inducing
  • Scalable from beginner to advanced

Training in Traditional Shaolin Five-Animal Kung Fu By Real Experts

Training at Shaolin Arts is conducted by Master Christopher Workman and our instructors. All instructors have studied with Master Workman from white (beginning) through their current black sash rank. Our instructors have an average of over 13 years of experience - more experience than many other "masters". Kung fu training includes:

  • Traditional forms
  • Combinations and techniques
  • Practicing with partners
  • Sparring
  • Self defense
  • Grappling

Amazing Community

At Shaolin Arts, you're not just joining a gym or martial arts school, you're joining a community that can move you past being stuck toward achieving your health, fitness, strength, weight, and being-a-generally-formidable-person goals.

Being part of a community means you will have friends here. From the instructors to the other athletes, you'll have people who care if you come, people who love working out with you and chatting with you afterward, people who genuinely want to see you succeed.

In the end, your potential is irrelevant if you’re not surrounded by people who help you realize it.

Ready to hang out with people who will push you?

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